The process of bringing the best out of every child can only be achieved
The process of bringing the best out of every child can only be achieved
through laying the path which is well lit by Respect and Acceptance.
through laying the path which is well lit by Respect and Acceptance.
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Dear Parents,

Welcome to Asra's Family Childcare Center.

Asra's Family Childcare Center philosophy incorporates the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori. Her method of education focuses on the individual child within the social setting of the group. Teaching self respect and respect for others are key elements that the staff teach and model for the children. We respect the values and beliefs of the parents and their children in our care.

We strive to create a smooth transition from the home to the center for both the children and the parents. Our primary focus is to provide a warm and caring atmosphere where the children are free from the stress caused by departing from their parents whether it is for the part of the day or the entire day by creating a family type environment. When a child is dropped off in our care we strive to meet that child's individual needs. As a center we have created an environment for the child that is developmentally appropriate, safe, clean, and healthy. Our curriculum has been planned to meet the developmental needs of the children which will enhance their ability to explore, learn, acquire new skills, make friends, solve problems, and become independent. We offer programs and activities that will help develop these skills in a supporting and nurturing manner.

The transition that a child goes through each day is as unique as the individual child. We strongly believe that a prepared environment is one of the key elements for fostering a child's social and intellectual growth. A well-equipped center and caring and educated staff will help each child to realize his or her own potential. We use redirection as one means of guidance. If there is a conflict we redirect the children to other activities when problems occur. When disputes are inevitable, we use the Montessori Peace Curriculum which includes conflict resolution to insure that each child's needs and feelings are recognized and respected. We model for the children how to resolve conflicts in an acceptable and peaceful fashion.

The staff is chosen based on the standards set by the center and which meet the Dept. of Health and Family Services requirements. As a center we promote professional growth of the staff by mandating the continuing education requirements. At our center we closely monitor and maintain current and accurate children and staff records, maintain appropriate child and staff ratios, and timely correspondence with the parents.

Your' input and participation is very valuable. To better serve the needs of the parents and children in our care we believe communication between the parents and the center is vital. We understand the situation of working parents and their busy schedules. We will make every effort to fulfill the needs of the parents. Our center will not discriminate anyone based on their belief, race, religion, or special needs.

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